Mo Kline has an unusual visual memory; she can feel and recall colors.  This talent lures her to a museum to help authenticate a painting and where she meets Dash Wells, an art photographer.  Their mutual attraction is undeniable.  What she does not know is that their meeting is anything but coincidental.

Thanks to Blaise Norman, a flamboyant Texan, and her suspicious partner, a shady art dealer, the pair get involved with another painting that seems to have a very dubious history.  But there is another character on the scene who knows just how to manipulate Mo into getting involved.

The mystery takes them from New York to Boston, to Buenos Aires, and then to Florida as they track down the story of the painting which may have started with a sensational art heist that took place thirty years earlier.

Romance, political intrigue, and farce all blossom in this story about a lost portrait of a little girl by Pierre-Auguste Renoir that has altered the lives of all those who have possessed it.